Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And so this is Christmas!

I love Christmas in our house. The decorations cover the whole house and I camt wait to put up our tree. My shopping is nearly complete now which is a bonus so now I can spend more time with Miss Jessica and maybe even catch up on some DT work.

The last few days have been busy but slowing down now which is great.

Saturday I worked in the shop all day and we had a huge day - soooo busy. I met so many new customers and had a ball!

Sunday we indulged in our only real Christmas tradition of watching the toy run. This is an annual fundraiser that motorbike riders from all over the state take part in. Each rider has a toy that they donate to needy children and each year we pop our deck chairs on Cross Road and watch the riders. Last year, Lee & I drank a couple of bottles of bubbly watching and the day ended rather messy but we were very well behaved this year and just drank coffee! The riders throw lollies to us and this year we easily took home over 4kg of lollies! (which the dog then got to, ate, then had a terrible tummy ache!)

Worked in the shop Monday then went to the Avoca Hotel for the shops end of year dinner. Gorgeous venue, great food and brilliant company!

Tuesday I was up early finally sorting out my inbox - which I have been meaning to do for ages! Jess and I bummed around most of the morning in our PJs then took the trailer back to mum & dad's place. Jess decided to stay there for the rest of the day which gave me the opportunity to pop over to Marion and do some more shopping and meet the lovely Francece for a Christmas drink! Francece is one of the amazing ladies who attends some of my claases - although she does travel all the way from Keith which is quite a way to come! Thanks Babe! LOVELY to see you.

Today I am doing to exciting stuff - Ironing, cleaning up my craft room (which is bloody revolting), giving the house a vacume and hanging with Jess. She has a friend coming for a playdate at 11am so that will be fun for her. Plan on making little pizzas for lunch.

The rest of the week will be quiet hopefull. I have promised to take Jess to see High School Musical 3 at the movies tomorrow so I'm actually looking forward to that!

If all goes to plan - I might have time to get crafty!!!

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  1. I see you in the gold christmas baubles!!!!


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