Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New Shop

I finally remembered to take my camera into work yesterday! There is still a small amount of work to be done but here is the new bigger Seriously Scrapbooking! Unit 4-501 Goodwood Road. Colonel Light Gardens SA! 8277 1298

Looking down toward the front door

The workroom - we managed to fit 30 in for a class last Saturday!
The wall of papers all with matching embellishments

The wall of "Spicers" - individually sold brads and bits!

Upcoming classes

So next time Amanda, Tiff and Meredith are in town I would love to see you!!!


  1. wow Nat this looks fantastic!

    I will definately drop in next time i am in the big smoke!

  2. Wow ... I could have a bit of fun in there!! Will have to mark those details in my diary, just not sure when I'll get to Adelaide next!

  3. HIya chicky.
    wow wow wow.
    all that room.
    I'm in town just before christmas depending on harvest
    have put your address on my phone.
    thanks chick. I didnt realise you're an Adelaidian!!
    praps a google map would be a good idea??

  4. tiff - straight across the road babe! Call me - I'll PM you my mobile number! (I'm actually a PL girl & DH is from Arno!) I knew Amanda as a little girl!!!


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