Saturday, July 5, 2008

XMAS Flip Up double Page

First things first!

This is my baby on her last day of kindergarten! Amazing!
She's looks too old for kindy but still too young to go to school! 18 days to go! ;)

Thanks for a wonderful class today ladies and to Francine for coming all that way! :)
I was totally prepared for a small class of 3 but when all 10 of you walked in ... makes a girl feel loved!!

Here's the photos that I promised.

Embellishing is totally up to you based on the size of your photos.

Apologies if the pics are a little blurry - my model was giggling!

I hope you enjoyed the class and would love to hear some feedback so leave me a comment!

Pop back soon for some sneak peeks of the classes I'm teaching in August!

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  1. Hi Nat, Great class today - as always!! Nice bunch of girls. How calm and relaxed were you - with all the extras that there were. You always speak nice and clearly and will help us and show us how to do something. Thanks for posting the photos it will help with the puting together which I intend to do tomorrow. I think your model is gorgeous she did a great job. And WOW off to school!!!! See you soon.
    Cheers Sue (& Erin)


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