Friday, June 13, 2008

Brisbane Continued .....

OK ... Where was I????

Sunday - The second class I did on Sunday was with Caroline Lau again from Maya Road and made this little sheer flip book! Came out gorgeous!! Used the little chipboard trees and shapes and also used a spray mist again but the white just didn't dry properly leaving marks on the pages.

Anyways .... after the expo, I went to the PrintBlocks 20th Anniversary Birthday party at the Plough Inn. Nothing like walking into a room and not knowing a soul! Spotted Yolanda and Heidi from Scrappy Hollow so spent most of the night talking to them before they left. After that I just became my usual chatty self after a few glasses of wine and met everyone in the room!! Was a lucky night too - I won the door prize - TWICE!!! I won a Karen Foster 180 pack of papers and then a $500 advertising voucher which I gave back as I thought it was rude winning twice! Sorry Jane! Walked back to the hotel in the rain about 9.30pm.

Monday 9th June
Late start to the day - woke feeling a little bit ordinary but left hotel about 9.30am and went straight to the expo. Spent the morning looking at all the stands and talking to a lot of the exhibitors looking for new products for Jane to sell in the shop.
First class was the K&Company clock which I TOTALLY LOVE!!!!

And the second class was with Gail from Making Memories. The class was VERY basic but I did come away with LOTS of free stuff .

Well .... in summary - it was a great trip - Very tiring, very exciting, my brain hurts, my feet are killing me but I met SO many creative and amazing people and cant wait to do it again!!!!



  1. That clock is gorgeous. I think i need to get me one.

  2. OHH nat , My girlfreind from across the road did the class with the clock too. She showed me it yesterday..


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