Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Daks Has Landed

I decided it was about time I got my lazy bum into gear and tried the blog thing!!
You'll have to bear with me as I go through this with my "L" plates on and having no real clue as to what I am doing!

I'm mostly going to make this about my Scrapping and Miss Jessica - otherwise known as Happy Daks in our house and the happenings of our life
I promise to update at least once a week [actually - that was more a promise to myself].


  1. Nat you blog looks great. I look forward to regular updates

  2. I agree it looks FAB! WTG!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and I look forward to 'any' updates [lol] I know how hard it is to post regularly lolol.

    Lou :)x


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