Sunday, December 13, 2009

There is so much happening this time of year for everyone.

**Our new pergola arrived this week so Trevor and half of our neighborhood has rallied together to get it up! Photos by the end of today I hope!

**Jess had her last day of school for 2009 and got an awesome report.

**We had a trip to see Santa

**I looked after my 9 month old nephew Jackson - he is such a cutie

**I got a card order in for 40 Thanks and 40 Congrats cards!

**I made some Christmas cards to post out

**I taught 4 classes this week

**Did a little more Christmas shopping

**Went with my neighbour to get her 6 week old son immunised.

**Watched the charity Motorbike Toy Run (our annual family christmas event)

**Went out for tea for our work Christmas Dinner

Plus a whole heap of other stuff that I cant remember!

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