Sunday, November 29, 2009

Non Scrappy Related Post ;)

Wednesday Trevor and I did the 8 hour drive to Port Lincoln for the memorial for my Uncle Geoff. It's such a long drive but so much easier than forking out $600 in airfares then taxi's around Lincoln. Heath and Leona very generously put us up at their place and I'll happily be back to stay! Their house is on the entrance to the Marina and is just beautiful. Dinner Wednesday night was purchased direct off the boat - fresh prawns! Thanks so much for your hospitality guys!

Thursday morning was quiet - breakfast at a cafe then some shopping! Of course I did a trip to the local Scrapbook shop to have a nosey and bumped into someone who knew who I was (from my blog) which was a bit weird but it was so nice to feel welcome in a great little shop!

The Memorial went really well. Trev and I were quite taken aback by the number of people who came to pay theur respects - easily close to 500. There was so much I didn't know about my Uncle and now I have so much more to be proud of. He was a pretty amazing man.

This is my Aunty Sue, Mum, Mum's closest friends Pam and Anne and me.Mum's brother John (who looks a whole lot like my brother), My dear 86 year old Nana, Mum and her sister Anne.
And this is my cousins and a couple of thier children - (I am holding Georgia who is my cousin Graeme's daughter and Jo is holding Ruby who is Karens daughter)

The memorial was held at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club and the flags were at half mast

Thursday night, Trev, my cousin Greame, his mate Rusty and I went to Schnapper Rock and did a bit of fishing - actually Trev did the fishing and I took photos. It was the perfect way to finish off the day.

The drive home was long but getting home to see Jessica for the first time in 3 days was totally worth it.


  1. ahhh, heard you bumped into my friend Sands in there. I think she was a tad in awe of you at first. lol. tis a pretty good little shop, so much stuff in a smallish space. and Leonie is wonderful.
    I thought it was a bit of a rush trip this time around. praps we can catch up when you're over for the festive season!! Del Giornios praps. (killer coffee)

  2. love your pics chook.. is that a lady beetle on your leg.. awesome!

  3. Awe? Me Tiff? lol
    Not 'Awe' I think, but I agree with you Nat,it was a little weird meeting someone irl from the www out of the blue like that.
    It was great meeting you Nat and thanks for the advice about my mag feature, it was really appreciated. Off to see how your advent calendar turned out.
    ps... I hope I didn't make you feel weird???


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