Friday, October 9, 2009

Again I have left it too long between posts! Sorry.

The wedding on the weekend was just beautiful. We had such a great day and Heath and Leona were both stunning. It was such a pleasure to part of their wedding day.

These were taken when we dropped Jessica off at my mum's.

Isnt amazing.....all throughout the day, Trev and I had a heap of photos taken of the two of us together and this "self portrait" is the only one that looks any good! :)This is Craig and Laura - my best friends two wonderful children. Craig will be 18 next month and Laura is 21. These two are Jess' big brother and sister - well....the closest she will get anyway. Craig and his beautiful girlfriend Lauren took Jess to the pictures Friday and had a blast! I love these two like my own.

Sunday morning we drove to Bow Hill and spent 2 days sitting on the river bank watching the world go by! We caught a total of 19 carp over the 2 days and this is the massive one Miss Jess caught on her hot pink Lisa Simpson fishing rod and then the next one down is the biggest fish caught all me! (see how little my toes look) :)

The kids had such a nice weekend - actually so did the adults. I think it was just what the doctor ordered!

So hopefully today and tomorrow I will be able to start scrapping again. School holidays hare nearly over and I might be able to get 10 mins to clean up my craft room and find some desk space to start scrapping!

Oh and also pop over to the new Scrapware site and have a look at the amazing gallery. There is some truly inspiring work to see.

Have a nice weekend and stay safe.


  1. love all the photos nat!
    like the self portrait of you guys!
    glad life is good!

  2. hiya chick. sounds like the best of weekends!!! Say hi to the guys 'over the road' for me!!


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