Monday, March 9, 2009

OK people - I could do with some "good healthy vibes" to come my way please.

My eye is getting so much better - I now have 90% vision but there are still a nice little collection of blood clots floating around - I am a little bit over it at the moment. I went and saw the surgeon on Friday and she said the tear is healing well and within a month or three I should have 100% vision back! So fingers crossed.

Friday night, Jessica had a birthday party to go to over at Marion Shopping Center. Trev and I dropped her off then took the opportunity to get a bite to eat. We went to a nice Thai restaurant and had a beautiful meal. Got home about 8pm, put Jess to bed then it started - the stomach pain, the horrendous grumbling then............sorry to say it but the diarrhea. Excellent. So today being Monday, my belly is still not great but I will not be eating at Casaurina Thai again!

Quiet day Saturday at home with Jess - spent the day watching DVDs and in the afternoon, Miss Jess did a challenge for Aussie Scrapjack. Here is a sneak peek because she is a guest scrapper and cant show you until next month - lets just say I am SUPER PROUD of my little girl.

While I am on the sneak peeks, here is a sneaky of my class on the 19th March at 7pm and the single page that I am doing for the COFFEE, CAKE AND CREATE on Saturday March 28th.

What else?????? Had a Tupperware party here yesterday. That was great. Trev is on night shift again so back to being super queit around the house during the day so he can sleep.

Well, it's a public holiday here today so I should go and make the most of it!

Stay Safe


  1. you are really having a tough time chicky. relax. i can't believe you have finished your ccc layout, omg im so bad, have to do my stuff this week. i have so much to do. im just going over to check out that colour site you mentioned. yum. looks beautiful. talk soon. see ya at the shop sweetie.
    steph xo

  2. Poor You!!! :( Look on the bright side maybe you lost a kilo or 2!!! Sending you good health wishes for the rest of the year ... you have had your quota of bad things.
    Jessica's LO looks fabulous ... isnt she such a clever chook ... just like her mum. Your LOs look good as well. Will be at both of those classes. See you soon.
    Cheers Sue


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