Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still traveling....

 I'm still in Brisbane .... having the best time ... meeting amazing people .... hanging out with Alison and Trina this week ... loving EVERY MINUTE .... but I miss my people ....

Here are a few photos to sum up the last few days

 The Expo....

 Kerrie & I....

See ... I am working ....

The lovely Fiona

My host in Gympie Kaye

Our busy stand

Tina doing a demo for us

A few samples I made


Dinner with this awesome bunch

This girl is a gem .... helped out all weekend xxxx

And the amazing Tina

Teaching at DaisyChain

The funny trip home with Trina & Alison ...

So thats where I am at the moment .... 7 more classes to teach!


  1. It was wonderful to watch you on the Saturday! I saw you make the top one that looked like blue broken glass! You are very creative to just stand there creating like that! I hope you enjoy all the travelling and teaching. I know you are coming up to Toowoomba so sad I can't make it.. I have a huge dentist bill to save for and after spending a bit at the show I just can't go near a scrap shop for a while!!!! Take care!

  2. Looks like if you HAVE to be away from your family, then this is a pretty awesome place to be. Loved seeing all the photos......enjoy the rest of your WARM weather break!!! Well, work...... :)

  3. Had a little giggle when I saw the pizza box pics again!!


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