Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back on the bike ....

I've finally got around to blogging - sorry - been feeling a little average over the last few days but I need to move forward and get some work done!

So last week I had my first chemo session - all the details are here if you're interested... [[[MY HEALTH JOURNEY]]]

Was OK!
I'm a drama queen - lets be honest :)

...and yes - that's me getting a foot massage by the gorgeous Karen :)

These girls are beyond wonderful ... I honestly don't have enough words ..... {oh shit now I'm crying again}
They know why ..... 

Thanks to these FREAKING INCREDIBLE WOMEN who just made my day - while I was sitting in the chair, these two images came thru on my mobile - lifted me so high - Thank you girls ..
Wish I could have been in NZ with you xxxx

OK ... onto the serious stuff now...

I'm going back to work!
I'll be teaching Thursday nights as this will be my best day of the week with Chemo being on Fridays.

I'll be teaching a couple of Kids Copic Classes during the School Holidays then back to teaching 3 classes a month while I'm having treatment!

October will see me doing my Sketch Class on THURSDAY OCTOBER 3rd at 7pm.
These are the 3 pages we will be working with.


Then I'll be doing Scrap The Boys on THURSDAY OCTOBER 10th at 7pm and Advanced Creative Scrapbooking on THURSDAY OCTOBER 24th at 7pm.

Also keep Tues Oct 15th or Fri Oct 18th free - Seriously Scrapbooking is holding an Ovarian Cancer fundraiser.

More details will be out soon

Call 8277 1298 to book into my classes 

Thanks to you all for your kind words, supports and prayers - means the world to us



  1. You're an incredible lady and doing that bit of work is sure to help keep your mind occupied. Always thinking of you, keep up the great work. xxx

  2. Good on you, keep on the bike and just keep peddling, have a rest when you need it.. fabulous layouts and I hope teaching will keep your mind on what you love doing.. my MIL had her hair cut really short before she started chemo as they told her when it falls out it will just go everywhere.. she wore a beanie type thing to bed otherwise the hair would get everywhere over the pillow so it was best to contain it.. and I went with her to a Look Good feel better day too.. she had a great time with lots of other ladies.. keep smiling every opportunity and I would take up all the massage on offer too!! Take care.. love lizzy..

  3. You are an amazing woman! I think of you often. All my best.

  4. You are awesome!! (hugs) and prayers .. Have been praying for you and am glad to see that you have lots of support / beautiful people cheering you on! Lots of love and more prayers,
    PS.. GREAT LO... love it.. glad to hear you are doing classes... mmm... am in Adelaide but looks like I just miss the fundraiser as will be home then .. what a shame!!

  5. Thankyou for sharing. I was wondering.. all the very best with the rest of your life... will catch up at the store sometime.
    IMHO courage is revealed in the most stressful of times... as it has in you!
    Beautiful L/O.


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