Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today ....

FOR TODAY....... Tuesday August 27th

Outside my window... Warm overcast day.. Bring on Spring

I am thinking...that I'm going to go crazy after six weeks being house bound

I am thankful... For my husband... He has taken time off to look after me, to cook, clean, do all the daily chores, school drop off and pick up.... He's my best friend and he rocks...

Also thankful for the amount of people who have shown me love and support while I have been recovering from surgery....
My house is full of flowers and my heart full of love

In the kitchen... Trev is starting dinner.. I hate that he can make white sauce better than me

I am wearing... Oversized men's tracksuit pants, bonds singlet, Rip Curl jumper. Standard at the moment while I am healing from surgery.... I have a ten inch incision down my belly

I am creating.... Very little.... Just started Project Life though.. Baby steps

I am going... To announce something really
cool in the next day or so

I am wondering... What tomorrow brings..... Waiting on a phone call that will change a lot of things

I am reading... Who Weekly magazine... Love me some trash

I am hoping... For good news with that phone call tomorrow

I am looking forward to..... Healing, being strong, bring able to drive again, being able to go back to the gym

I am hearing... Jessica singing as she does her homework

Around the house... Washing on the clothes airer, flowers everywhere

I am pondering... My health

One of my favorite things..... My bed

A few plans for the rest of the week: not much... 

Here is picture I am sharing...  This girl has been my number one support through the last six weeks.... Thank you Tatum xxxx


  1. I have been thinking of you every day :-) Hope you get some good news soon :-) and looking forward to your announcement xxoo

  2. Lovely to read your thoughts.. get strong again... xx

  3. You poor thing....at least you're on the right side of it all & healing...try & enjoy the chance to rest & reflect ...not easy, though:):) love your list!!!!


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