Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Family ....

While we were away, I made time to have a local photographer come out and photograph our little family.
Georgie Daniels was perfect for us.

I had seen her beautiful work from family sessions with the Hall & Treloar families and knew she would be ideal to capture us as we are!

Here are a few of my faves from the shoot.



So ... I HIGHLY recommend Georgie ..... Visit her Facebook Page here ..... and when you need a great family photographer ... give her a call!


  1. Great shots ...the one of your DH by himself is AWESOME & the last one of your DD....& that hand together one....AND the low on the road family! No wonder you have so many faves...she's done a brill job!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love them Nat :-) Looking forward to seeing them scrapped!!

  3. Gorgeous collection of photos, she's a great photographer, I love the two with your DD with each of her parents.

  4. These are really lovely photos and precious memories of your family!


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