Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My best friends wedding.....

There comes a time in your life when you get older and you realise the all the hundreds of friends that we had growing up have moved on and are living their lives  ......  and we are left with a few precious few people around us - these are the friends that count - the ones who have been there thru thick and thin, thru all the ups and downs and love and appreciate you for who you are..... I have Lee, Lauren and Joanne. These are my girls ... the ones I trust with my heart and soul, the ones who dont judge me and the ones I want by my side .....

On the weekend, Joanne married her best friend and it was the most beautiful wedding that we have ever been to. I cried as she walked down the isle.... to see her this happy was a blessing. I was so very proud of her and to share her special day was just fabulous. We danced all night, drank, sang and had a ball! She looked stunning. (I cant wait to scrap some photos)

Here is the beautiful bride and myself!

And one of me ... quite late in the night ... going to they gym 5 days a week is starting to pay off - Thanks Stefan & Lauren! :)

And the photos from the PhotoBooth! - apologies for the bottom ones!

So ... Congratulations to my friend Jo - love you to the moon and stars and back again and wish you all the happiness in the world xxxxx

OK ... so onto work ....

Next Monday night - March 26th at 7pm I am teaching this cute page using the new Teresa Collins papers!
Call 8277 1298 to book in - would LOVE to see you!


  1. Fabulous pics and that little sneak looks fab!

  2. You my lovely are looking DAMN FINE!! xx

  3. That dress is *whit wheel* as are you!!! Great photo booth pics too!! It is lovely to have beautiful friends. I am so sad that the ones I love the mostest in the whole wide world are so far away, and bloody busy too so it's hard to talk at times, although it really is a must! I am lucky that I do have lovely chicks here too to hang with, they are special too.... Can't wait to see you and have a chink chink!! It's so nice to 'know' you once more!! xx

  4. He he great photo booth pics all of them but I especially LOOOVE the last one, you are a hot chickie Mrs M! gorgeous sneak, awesome colours! xxx


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